Dev Update: Conversations, Company Users, and More

CommissionCrowd has always been a collaborative effort, and that collaboration includes you, our members. We’re always working on improving the platform, and it’s your feedback that allows us to do this. So to prove we’re listening, I’m going to be publishing a development update every couple of weeks or so, to tell you about new features, improvements, and other changes.

As well as the new stuff, today I’m going to cover a few things that were deployed several months ago. That’s partly because we haven’t published any kind of dev update for a long time, but also just because they’re really cool features that we haven’t said much about.

Rating opportunities and agents

Just deployed a few days ago, this is a feature aimed at improving opportunity and agent profiles. The more of these ratings we get, the more we’ll be able to raise the general quality of opportunities and agent profiles, and optimize them so they provide the information you need.

Here’s how it works. Agents can rate any opportunity from its opportunity profile screen, as shown below.

opportunity rating screenshot

And it works the same way for companies, who can rate agent profiles:

agent rating screenshot

Note that these ratings are not made public. By rating an opportunity or agent profile, you’re just helping us to make the platform better. Please send in your ratings as often as possible!


This is an absolutely essential part of the application and one that we’ve been steadily improving. Over the past weeks and months we’ve made several changes to conversations:


The main improvement with the general redesign of the Conversations screen is the split layout, with the list of conversations on the left and the viewing panel on the right where the selected conversation appears. This makes the feature much easier to use than before.

conversations redesign

Conversation History

You can now view the conversation history for an agent or company you’ve been communicating with. For companies, there is a View conversations button in the agent search results and also in agents’ profiles:

view conversations in agent search results

Agents can now view conversations they’ve had with companies in the company profile and opportunity profile screens:


Another place where both companies and agents can view conversation histories is in Applications. In the application details screen, there is now a View conversations button.

In the companies app:


And in the agent app:



To help you organize your conversations you can now tag them with one or more of three tags: In discussion, Not interested, and Short list. Coresponding to these there are filters at the top of the conversations screen (plus an Unread filter) to view only the conversations you want to.


Company Users

Finally for today and in case anyone missed it, last year we allowed companies to set up multiple users. Whoever signs up as a company is automatically the primary or admin user, who can then add other people in the company as users of the company’s CommissionCrowd account.



We have lots of changes and new features planned for the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Alistair Robinson

Developer and CTO for CommissionCrowd