Dear Independent Sales Agents We're Sorry That You've Been Failed

Dear Independent Sales Agents,

Up until this point you’ve been failed.

You’ve been failed by recruitment agencies and generic job matching sites who don’t vet the companies they are happy to take money from.

Who don’t care about educating companies that haven’t worked with self-employed sales professionals before and expose you to poor quality opportunities to line their own pockets.

Who simply don’t address any of the aspects that make your working life that much harder than it ever should have been.

And who don’t reinvest any of their profits into advancing the commission-based, independent sales industry.

We’re sorry that up until now you’ve had nowhere to go to find quality vetted new product and service lines.

Nowhere to call the true home of self-employed sales.

And nowhere that truly puts your needs ahead of their business model of making a quick profit.

It all ends now…

CommissionCrowd was founded by three friends and business partners who have sat on both sides of the fence as company Principals and self-employed sales agents.

Tired of the lack of services out there built specifically for the B2B commission-only sales industry, they decided to build their own.

CommissionCrowd was launched as the world’s first and only online netowrk that goes far beyond simply connecting company Principals and B2B commission-only sales reps - You can read our story here

CommissionCrowd has been designed to do two things:

  1. Make meaningful connections between freelance sales agents/Agencies and company Principals fast, easy and efficient.

  2. To make the ongoing working relationship between Agents and Companies effortless, with the emphasis being on saving time so you can increase productivity and ultimately sell more. Agents get to build the perfect sales portfolios and companies are able to form long-term partnerships with top agents.

The Driving Force Behind CommissionCrowd

One of the driving forces behind the creation of CommissionCrowd was the lack of cohesion in the tools that independent sales agents needed in order to perform their jobs effectively.

Our most important focus has been on the creation of a network that marries the needs of self-employed, independent sales reps and sales agencies with those of company Principals in a way that drives mutually beneficial sales partnerships and cuts out unnecessary time-consuming tasks that take your time away from selling.

An Open Letter To Independent Sales Reps

This is an open letter to all of the independent sales agents who are a vital part of the fragmented commission-only sales industry. We are writing this letter from our passion and desire to show you that we truly want the best for you and it’s our sole driving purpose in life and business.

Working in an environment where the ability to build your perfect sales portfolio by connecting with quality company principals is so far and between that it can affect your income on a monthly basis. You chose to become self-employed and the way this industry has been operating up until this point is hardly in keeping with the vision you may have had when starting out on your own.

Having to scrape and dig to find the right connections is even more demoralizing. Many companies new to this industry treat you like an employee rather than an important partner in their business and therefore undermining the value you bring to their bottom line… this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In such a fragmented market, where are the sales agents to find their new product/service lines when directories, generic job websites and associations who claim to provide connections are outdated or ineffective in vetting their members? Who stands up for the sales agents when a principal is handling their relationship in a way that is contrary to progress?

This is what we, at CommissionCrowd, want to provide effiective solutions to. The ability to provide a networking and collaboration platform that provides a one stop shop for opportunities at home and worldwide is compelling enough for us. That is just the start. We also provide a platform where you can showcase your milestones, track records and profiles to prospective principals.

Again, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to solving the problems facing independent sales agents.

There is also the issue of managing your business effectively in an environment that is splintered and therefore spreading the use of your resources far and wide between different service providers. Imagine an agent is managing 6-10 different lines or principals but for each, they have to use a different system, each one as bad or worse than the previous. No work gets done here. We get that. It could be said that the commission-only sales industry had become the ‘land that time forgot’ on the basis of the management systems that are currently being used by agents.

The need for a modern system can be underlined by the fact that most agents now find what should be a simple task of customer relationship management complex and time-consuming. The biggest development in recent times is the mantra of “on-the-go” business. In an industry where opportunities come and go faster than Usain Bolt runs, this is a sad state of affairs.

So by providing independent sales reps with a system that offers management capabilities not just on desktops but whose focus begins with the mantra of “on-the-go”. The capability to manage your relationships whilst moving from opportunity to opportunity cuts out at least 50% of the time you would need to spend on managing the day-to-day tasks of working with multiple product/service lines.

It must be highlighted that not all sales agents suffer all of these issues but majority of you do. The matter of collaboration, for example, we understand many sales agents have issues with. In order to be effective, every sales agent needs to know his or her stuff.

You eat, sleep and breathe the lines you are represent and if there is no platform for you to gain your information cohesively then you are being done a disservice. The information you need should be so easily accessible you can read it in your sleep. There is also the issue of providing feedback amongst other agents. The lack of unity in the industry is epitomised by the lack of interaction between agents. Every agent needs a support system that helps them achieve their results, if that system is not there then both parties suffer. We know this we have experienced it ourselves.

Of course, we cannot miss out the most important reason for your being an independent sales agent – sales.

It is likely true that you spend more time reporting about sales than actually selling. It is probably also true that you need to communicate with and update your principals as soon as possible in order to move on to next opportunities. It is most definitely true that you don’t currently have the resources to do this. So what happens? You end up talking and laboring over paperwork than selling.

The needs of this industry are so great that neither party truly wins anything from failed partnerships. At CommissionCrowd, we want to unite the industry by encouraging both sales agents and principals to use our platform. This is not a plea. This is a kind request from us to you, the sales agents who can make this industry great again, to help us unite your industry for your benefit and for the benefit of principals.

There are four areas CommissionCrowd’s platform is designed to resolve:

  • Connection: CommissionCrowd offers sales agents the virtual space in which they can connect with principals and discover new opportunities as well as showcasing their expertise.

  • Managing: The need to manage your relationships with your customers and your principals should be easy as 1-2-3. With a system that allows you track your sales, invoices, receive residual income after leaving opportunities and more, your CRM is well looked after.

  • Collaboration: Your training and access to important material on-the-go is a feature of ours, We provide the space for yourself and principals to upload and share important documents. Basic admin tasks such as scheduling meetings and conference calls are all catered for by our platform.

  • Selling: Know where you stand with all your opportunities with our prospect interface. Know how far along the sales journey you are with your prospects. Know where to find all of your invoices.

Peace of mind in one place. That’s us. We are CommissionCrowd here at your service. If you’re a B2B self-employed sales professional and work on a commission only basis, you can open your free account with CommissionCrowd here: Join CommissionCrowd

Ryan Mattock

Co-Founder of CommissionCrowd... Let's get disruptive!