Company Interview: Crowd Purchasing is Looking For Self Employed Sales Agents

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This week we have the pleasure of interviewing another incredibly exciting company that has signed up to hear as soon as the CommissionCrowd sales platform launches. ‘Crowd Purchasing’ is the vision of Alex Brown and gives independent caterers, hotels, restaurants and pubs the ability to become part of a large network that can purchase their food supplies as part of a powerful buying network usually the reserve of multi-national corporations.

They are currently looking for professional self employed sales agents to work with (contact details provided at the end of the interview).

Name: Alex Brown (Owner)

Company Name: Crowd Purchasing

Hi Alex, thank you for joining us today. Can you tell us a bit about your company?

Since 2009 Crowd Purchasing has established a client base comprising scores of hotels, restaurants, pubs and caterers across the UK. As our network grows larger we
use this collective purchasing power to leverage significantly lower food costs from a range of approved national and regional suppliers without compromising quality or service. Essentially our clients become part of a buying powerhouse that is only set grow larger and more influential the bigger we grow.

How many companies are part of your network currently?

We currently serve almost 200 clients as part of our collective buying network.

Tell us a little about your clients.

We have a growing client base comprising scores of hotels, restaurants, pubs and caterers across the UK. Most independent caterers cannot afford a dedicated purchasing resource and as our income is derived from rebates agreed with our nominated suppliers, our clients consider us an unsalaried extension to their existing purchasing function. If supply related issues do occur we are also on hand to help get things back on track.

What contractual obligations do you have with your customers?

We do not hold our customers to contract so there are absolutely no barriers to doing business with us.

Can you sum up your core value proposition?

Our clients enjoy increased buying power as part of a large network which results in better service and lower costs that is usually the reserve of huge multi-national corporations. We work tirelessly on behalf of our clients to sustain lower costs and provide them with the tools needed to make more informed purchasing decisions giving them the best chance to build viable businesses.

Tell us something about the opportunity you’ll be presenting to self-employed sales agents using the CommissionCrowd sales platform?

Our service is free to our clients (and hence a no-brainer for new customers) because our income is derived from rebates agreed with our suppliers. We are happy to offer a 50/50 share of all commissions closed on new business with our sales agents.

Do you have any exciting plans in the pipeline?

Crowd sourcing has really taken off in a big way for the food and beverage industry and we are well on the way to becoming one of the UK’s most influential purchasing groups for caterers.

The UK food service and Hospitality Market grew by 1.8% in 2013, reaching a total of £79.7bn and will continue to see positive growth over the next 5 years (Source: Big Hospitality). There are currently over 326,000 restaurants, coffee shops and pubs in the UK and many thousands of Hotels that are available for our sales agents to tap into. To say the Market is large is the understatement of the century.

Do you currently work with an external sales team?

Yes, we currently have three sales agents and we provide full training as well as ongoing support.

Obviously we’re very excited to be developing a platform that will potentially change the way that companies and self employed sales agents connect. Can you tell us which aspects of CommissionCrowd you’re looking forward to?

We love the idea that CommissionCrowd is going to be more than just a place to find great freelance commission only sales agents. We like that our sales agents will act more like partners with our company and that we will have the ability to track and monitor leads and closed deals instantly, as well as our sales guys having the tools they need to stay organised and efficient while working remotely.

I also think that your affiliate program is very clever in the way that our sales agents will be incentivised to bring their own connections into our opportunity and earn extra commissions based on their networks sales activity. The fact that they can earn more money and we can build a large outsourced sales team very quickly is a win win for us.

Thank you for your time Alex. We absolutely love the concept of Crowd Purchasing and look forward to building your sales team when we launch CommissionCrowd in the coming months.

Thank you Ryan, it’s been great speaking with you.

Sales agents interested in contacting Alex can do so here:

Tel: +44 1423 739031 (UK)
Website: Crowd Purchasing Website
Linked In: Crowd Purchasing Linked In profile

Ryan Mattock

Co-Founder of CommissionCrowd... Let's get disruptive!