Cool Sales Hack: Sales Prospecting in LinkedIn Groups

If you’re like the 259 million (June 2013) users who use LinkedIn each day then you might enjoy this week’s Sales Hack. If you’re not already actively using LinkedIn groups to find relevant connections and conversations then you’re missing a trick. There are 1.4 million groups available and this number increases every day. Groups are a place to connect and discuss the topics that are most relevant to your target market/industry i.e. a place your target market is hanging out in on the web.

We highly recommend you find a few groups that are of interest, join them and participate in the discussions a few times a week. This is a great article if if you’re interested in starting a LinkedIn group of your own.

Some groups require permission to join and these are the ones that feature in this week’s sales hack. If you’re application has been pending for over a week it’s likely the admin hasn’t had a chance to approve you. Although this hack won’t allow you to actively engage in the discussion the hope is that by getting access to the members of the group you can begin making good connections. So here’s the steps to take:

  1. Find the exact name of the group
  2. Open Google in your browser
  3. In the search bar type: “PASTE NAME OF GROUP”

Watch the video to see it in action

You will now have a list of all the members in that group. You can begin reaching out and trying to make connections. Don’t forget to use you’re existing network to help open the door for you with an introduction if necessary.

Bonus Tips!

When you click on a pending group be sure to scroll to the bottom where it shows you Amazon stylie: “People Also Explored” groups – this is a great way to discovering similar groups you might have missed.

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