CommissionCrowd Review - Client Testimonial/Case Study - 14% Of Startups Fail Due To Poor Customer Service

At CommissionCrowd our clients mean the world to us… literally. While it’s an easy thing for any company to say, and even a little cliche, we really mean it.

14% Of Startups Fail Due To Poor Customer Experience

As any startup will tell you, among a number of challenges you’ll face along the way, your first customers are absolutely vital to the success or failure of your venture. In fact according to a study carried out by CB Insights 14% of startups fail due to “ignoring the needs of your customers”.

CommissionCrowd launched back in May 2015 after three years of research, planning and development (You can read our story here). However, from day one, we have always made our members our main priority and recognise that the faith they put in our company has been paramount to our success.

Like any good company should, we pride ourselves on always going the extra mile to ensure that our members receive the highest level of service and support. As a result, we build great personal relationships with each of our members and receive many emails like the one you’re about to read below.

CommissionCrowd Client Testimonial/Case Study

Below is an email that one of our wonderful members kindly sent to our CEO Laura McGregor and with her permission, we’d love to now share it with you.

Gemma Hill is Interim Manager at a company called GHRL - A leading provider of Interim Management, Business Support and Consultancy services.

Gemma is a consultant and project manager providing a full spectrum of skills across a range of projects spanning many industries and work-streams in both the private and public sector.

Gemma Hill 1099 Sales Agent

Gemma’s email:

[Important Note:] Gemma sent this email on September 2nd 2016 when CommissionCrowd had a database of roughly 1800 highly experienced independent sales agents. At time of publishing this article on October 5th 2016, our database continues to enjoy consistent growth and we are now at 2030 agents.

Hi Laura,

As an independent business consultant with many years’ experience across private and public sectors in many workstreams, I am constantly looking for solutions to my Clients’ business problems.

Whilst working on my last project in the Sales workstream, I found myself in a position where the product was excellent, with an excellent profit margin but the idea of commission-only selling was not and had never been in 20 years, on my Client’s agenda.

In fact my client was quite adverse to the idea at first. With a background in sales myself, and having run my own construction company a decade ago where I grew the business by partnering with commission-only agents, I researched the ‘modern’ way to find high caliber agents for my client to prove the model worked. That’s when I came across CommissionCrowd, which turned out to be the perfect solution to my client’s problem.

Prior to my client paying for their CommissionCrowd membership, I was able to search through agent profiles and began to shortlist and favourite those I wanted to contact with my client’s sales Opportunity. On explaining the quality of candidates on the site to my client and the low cost of joining, he agreed to try this approach.

I registered via the CommissionCrowd website, completed the sales opportunity and was then contacted and coached by Laura and the CC team as to how to make improvements so as to have the best chance of attracting quality agents on the platform.

I used a systematic approach of going through the database of potential candidates, shortlisting and contacting all of those I’d shortlisted from the database. This was the first tranche of shortlisting and of those, four high caliber candidates felt the Opportunity was a match for them and accepted the invitation for a telephone interview.

The process was quick and efficient. I then conducted a brief telephone interview with the candidates, and was so impressed that I put all 4 forward to my client for a video (GoToMeeting) interview. My client was also very impressed with the caliber of the candidates and the speed of the process and has now taken on 2 of the 4 candidates, awaiting the third and fourth’s decision. Training is in progress and I will be excited to hear about the number of sales and success of the individuals we now work in partnership with. All of this in less than a fortnight’s work.

I then did some basic maths on the numbers; of the 200 profiles I viewed during my first pass of the database, 28 were shortlisted which is 1/7th of the 28, 4 accepted which is also 1/7th. 2 were successfully accepted initially. So, 2 successes of the 200 profiles viewed works out to a 1% success rate for us so far.

This means that, of the 1800 agents currently on your database, there is a probability of a minimum 18 agents out there of who might be a good match – which for a company of 15 is excellent. My client was only looking for 3 or 4 initially. CommissionCrowd really is the answer to connecting quality people with quality companies to build long-term relationships.

I have now handed the management of the CC process over to the Client’s team and have just received a call from the CEO to say how delighted he is about finding CommissionCrowd.

By the way Laura, I will most likely be signing up as an Agent myself as I am so impressed.

Kind regards
Gemma Hill
Interim Manager
GHRL review of CommissionCrowd

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