CommissionCrowd is Software As A Service, But What Does That Mean?

Not everyone knows what we mean when we say that CommissionCrowd is “Software as a Service”. So what is it? Software as a Service, or SaaS for short, is the term used to describe a software distribution model whereby specialised software is hosted on the provider’s end and made available to customers over the web. This means that creating an account with CommissionCrowd (when we launch) will give you access to our online services from one central source.

Features Of Software As A Service (SaaS)

Below are some of the main features of a SaaS platform:

Pay monthly

Companies pay a monthly fee to use the the CommissionCrowd SaaS platform.

Full service is provided online

There will be nothing to physically download or set up on your computer as everything is hosted at our end. Our users gain access with a simple username and password. 

Software is kept up-to-date automatically

You need never have to worry about updating or backing up your account. Everything is managed by us and changes are implemented automatically from our end.

No Cancellation Fees

We operate on a monthly rolling fee meaning our users are free to cancel or pause their service at any time without prior notice.

CommissionCrowd: Our Goal

So far over 400 companies and even more professional self-employed sales agents have signed up to hear about the CommissionCrowd launch, and some of them have been asking us if we can help them make connections before we officially launch, based on the people we already have on board.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we love speaking to each and every one of you. We also feel very fortunate that we have been able to get to know lots of the sales agents and companies that we will be working closely with in the near future. However we don’t want to go down the route of facilitating connections early on. here’s why…

In a nutshell, it would simply go against the core goal of CommissionCrowd, which is to give our users a comprehensive online sales platform that not only allows professional self-employed sales agents and companies to connect with each other, but gives both parties all of the tools needed to work together as effectively and efficiently as if they were working side by side.

Our experience in building successful outsourced sales teams has shown us that much more is needed to ensure the success of both parties. Companies need to build, run and manage their teams effectively and sales agents need tools to stay organised and efficient when building their professional sales portfolio.

We are in the process of creating so much more than a traditional job website. The problem with those services it that they essentially take your money, allow you to post your opportunity and that’s where it ends. There is no care as to whether your business relationship with that person/company is a success. In-fact the reason we founded CommissionCrowd in the first place is because we struggled to find and work successfully with professional self-employed sales agents for our own company.

What is Beta Testing? Help Us Help You

While we’re on the subject of definitions, we’d like to take an opportunity to explain what “Beta” testing is and why we’ll be asking you to take part in the lead up to launch.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our sales agents and companies with the best possible service to ensure that CommissionCrowd meets your expectations unconditionally. Beta testing is essentially the first launch phase prior to public release. The goal is to get people using the software early and reporting any issues, improvements or positive feedback to us.

Our Beta launch news will be revealed in our “Weekly Reveal”, which comes to your mailbox each week. So be sure to get on the list (if you haven’t already) and watch for our invitation to join us early. If you haven’t already signed up you can do so here

To find out more about us and the reason why CommissionCrowd exists in the first place, read our story

Ryan Mattock

Co-Founder of CommissionCrowd... Let's get disruptive!