CommissionCrowd For Independent Sales Agents [VIDEO]

Welcome to CommissionCrowd, the only platform dedicated entirely to the global independent sales industry. CommissionCrowd was built by independent sales professionals for independent sales professionals. You see…generic job boards and websites simply just don’t cut it anymore.

CommissionCrowd is revolutionising the industry by not only giving you a place to find amazing new product lines and services to add to your sales portfolio, but by providing you with your very own collaborative accounts enabling you to easily manage long term remote working relationships with company principals after you make a connection. And even better, you’ll have everything you need to manage your existing business and sales pipeline also!

So now let’s take a look at some of the incredible things you can do with CommissionCrowd

You can create a stunning profile and include your current line card to showcase yourself as an expert in your industry

Search for exciting new product lines and services to add to your sales portfolio

and connect with companies you want to work with. So the next time one of your existing customers ask if you know anyone who provides a particular product or service they require… well, now you do… it’s you!

learn about your new product lines or services fast by receiving structured training tasks from the companies you work with

Instantly gain access to important documents like sales and marketing materials, contracts, pricing spreadsheets and anything else you may need from the company’s you work… you’ll never have to wait for documents to be emailed over to you ever again

If the companies you work with send you sales leads, you can choose the ones you want to accept and they’ll appear right away in your sales pipeline! Although companies won’t see specific details of leads you are working on because you may want to keep certain information private, they will however get an automated activity notification when you take action on a lead that’s been issued to you. That means no more manual activity reporting….Nice

And forget having to use multiple tools to manage communications, you can work right within your contacts or leads and click to email and call, add informative notes and schedule tasks that sync with your calendar all while keeping a record of your activity so you’re always in the know!

Not currently looking for new products or services to sell? No problem, we’ve got you covered! CommissionCrowd gives independent sales agents everything you need to manage your existing business and sales pipeline. You now have your own powerful, yet simple CRM that’s been designed specifically for independent sales professionals. It’ll keep you efficient, organised and productive.

So why not jump right in and start managing your existing business. You can quickly get started by creating or importing your own leads and manage your prospects in your very own sales pipeline right away

We’re currently in private-beta, meaning you get to join us right at the very start and grow with us. CommissionCrowd is 100% free for independent sales agents. Join us now and instantly gain access to everything I have just told you about. So what are you waiting for? Welcome to the future of independent sales, welcome to CommissionCrowd!

Ryan Mattock

Co-Founder of CommissionCrowd... Let's get disruptive!