Championing Self Employed Sales Agents

Champion of the independent sales industry

Proud To Be Champions Of The Freelance Sales Industry

The team here at CommissionCrowd are proud to be true champions of the freelance sales industry and the incredible self-employed sales agents that make it up.

Everything we are working hard to produce is aimed directly at making the lives of independent sales agents easier and more profitable.

Working Harder And Smarter As Self-Employed Entrepreneurs

The entire team here at CommissionCrowd HQ work extremely hard on the development of CommissionCrowd. By being self-employed ourselves, we have also chosen to live our lives on our own terms which in turn, drives us to work even harder than we would if working for someone else. That’s the real beauty of being self employed right there. No one forced us, it was a choice we made for ourselves and it was the right time to do it.

Clearing Up The Terminology

Firstly I would just like to clear up any misunderstanding about some of the terms we regularly use to describe the industry. You may have heard us use many of these terms before and they all fall under the same umbrella:

  • Freelance sales agents
  • Self Employed sales people
  • Outsourced sales reps
  • Independent Sales agents
  • Commission Only Sales

And the list goes on…

Now that’s cleared up I would like to tell you why we feel as passionately about self employed sales agents as we do:

Everyone Has A Right To Be Entrepreneurial

Everyone has the right to be entrepreneurial. It’s not a new concept and every single company that ever was, and ever will be, has been started by someone with a strong belief and passion for what they want to achieve in life.

Ask yourself this question:
Why would anyone leave a secure, well paying job and choose to set up in business for themselves? Surely it’s just easier and safer to stay employed and go to work for a well established company everyday? Sure, you may have to work five or six days a week and only get two weeks holiday allowance a year, but it’s secure… right?

Well that depends on how you look at it. Is the glass half empty or half full? One persons struggle is another persons strive. Entrepreneurial spirit, self belief and determination to make a better life motivates experienced sales agents to go it alone.

Common Misconceptions Of The Self-Employed Sales Industry

Would anyone call Sir Richard Branson or Lord Alan Sugar crazy for starting up themselves? Would anyone regard them as cheap labour or not worthy of commanding a wage as an employee? What’s the difference between those two people who started selling their own products and services, and a sales agent that has decided to set up in business for themselves?

Ok, I hear what you are saying…. they had their own products and services to sell right? Surely that’s the difference?
Ask yourself this: Is being skilled in the art of selling and offering your expertise to companies on a freelance basis not providing a valuable service?

The Ultimate Aim Of A Self Employed Sales Agent

The ultimate aim of a self employed sales agent is to earn more money and live a better lifestyle than they could as an employee. They do this by building a portfolio (companies sometimes call this a customer showcase) of companies that they have working relations with. Instead of receiving a wage that ties them into a contract of employment with one company, a self employed sales agent will have relationships with multiple companies at any one time. They utilise their database of contacts or expertise in a particular industry to sell far more than a wage plus standard commission could ever match.

From The Horses Mouth – Interview With A Top Self Employed Sales Agent

Last week we wrote a blog that was aimed at companies and goes into more detail about the choices that self employed sales agents make. You can read it here: Understanding Self Employed Sales Agents

What Exactly Is The CommissionCrowd Sales Platform?

This year we will be launching our groundbreaking new SaaS (software as a service) platform for self employed sales agents and companies. It will allow great companies and top self employed sales agents to connect and work together like never before. If you would like to find out more about why we do what we do, you can find our story here: The Story Of CommissionCrowd

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