Bespoke Arcades: What CommissionCrowd Means To Us

We were delighted to talk with Ben Georget of Bespoke Arcades as the first in our series of conversations with companies and freelance sales agents.

Ryan Mattock: Hi Ben, we are delighted that ‘Bespoke Arcades – Page Global Ltd’ has signed up to be invited to our beta test launch this summer. Your company has an incredibly unique product and it’s no wonder that you have attracted lots of media coverage from the likes of ‘Maxim’, ‘FHM’, ‘Men’s Health’ and Channel 5’s ‘The Gadget Show’. We would love to find out a little more about your company in the lead up to the launch of the CommissionCrowd sales platform.

So tell us a little bit about ‘Bespoke Arcades – Page Global Ltd” and the background behind your company:

Ben Georget: Since 2005, Page Global Ltd is very proud to design, produce and distribute some of the finest customisable games room and games-related equipment in the world. We have a range of very successful products that are and have been sold by some of the most prestigious stores including Harrods, Selfridges and Hamleys. Bespoke Arcades is our high-end arcade machine brand; Game Time Arcades has more affordable arcade cabinets designed for home/commercial markets; Elite Sim is our simulator range; Page Global Store is where we sell all of our products and we also have 2 services that we offer which include Page Global Distribution that is a channel for distributing similar games-related products to the UK/EU market. Our other service that we offer is a complete custom solution for businesses wanting to use custom interactivity to help create interest and sell their wares, services or brands. We started the initial idea for the business on Christmas Eve 8 years ago following a few drinks! Initially the plan was to buy up old machines and refurb them but we decided that the best way forward would be to design our own range from scratch – the rest is now history!

RM: We see that you have won many awards including being voted ‘best buy products’ from Channel 5’s ‘The Gadget Show’. What would say is your proudest achievement to date?

BG: Besides having our machines on sale at the most prestigious stores including Harrods and having sold to a who’s who of celebrity clients, I think one of our proudest achievements to date is having Capcom use our arcade machines to demonstrate their current games. After growing up playing their games, it was great to see our cabinets branded with the Capcom livery. It was also pretty cool being voted first and second in a T3 magazine group test! However more recently we’ve made a new cabinet which was used for Injustice: Gods Among Us for Warner Bros – the design was second to none and seeing it in the flesh with the buzz it has generated feels like a truly great achievement.

RM: We love the way that you mix retro styling with ultra-modern technology, and especially like the ‘iPhone special edition’ machine… We want one for the CommissionCrowd office badly! Tell us a little bit about the design/development process.

BG: We do all our design in-house, first a crude sketch, then we move over to 3D and refine the design prior to having the prototype made where we iron out any kinks before having a run of machines made. In terms of technology we only use rock-solid hardware which will never let you down. We always have to be at the forefront of technology to make sure the product is as good as it can be, whilst fulfilling the needs and wants of our clients.

RM: And how about your customers? You obviously sell into retail as well as directly to the public, but who would you say is a typical Bespoke Arcades customer?

BG: There are those who want the best for their games room, however a large majority of clients want not only the best but also a cabinet which will tie into their décor. There are also a large proportion of clients who have always dreamt of having their own arcade machine and we help fulfil that dream whilst adding a little more wow factor into the mix! We have a range of typical customers from wealthy individuals to pure game enthusiasts and from businesses to bars and games room operators – pretty much anyone who remembers the classics and would like to get a slice of their adolescence back to either relive or show future generations the real games!

RM: Tell us a little about the opportunity that you will be presenting to our sales agents when we launch?

BG: The type of agent that we are looking for are those who have an active interest in what we produce – we need people who understand the products and can sell them well. We would like to be able to allocate territories for our sales agents so it is not simply a free-for-all but more a structured plan which allows all of our agents to make a good commission on all sales. Also, we will set some pre-assigned sales targets that if reached will ensure some kind of bonus.

In terms of commission- as the manufacturer we can offer a healthy 10-20% for sales garnered via your agents. There are essentially 4 usual types of sale:

  1. Direct individual sales for which we can offer a more generous commission structure but they are harder to acquire.
  2. Multiple sales (5+ machines) for which we have a structure in place to also allow for a discount for the client as well as a solid commission for the agent.
  3. Locating UK and overseas distributors or stores for which we can pay a commission based on the number of units sold by the distributor (up to a set number) or a flat finder’s fee depending on initial order placed.
  4. Contracts for our custom interactive arm which is to be launched in July 2013. Commission will be based on the total size of the contract.

We are always looking to encourage our sales agents and will come up with some interesting opportunities for high performing sales agents that may include additional bonus or a specific product for top sales guys after a designated period (say 6-12 months) provided that they reach pre-assigned sales targets as set out from the offset.
Our past client list can be found here. This includes royalty and your usual footballers and the like.

RM: Thanks! So finally, where do you see your company in the next five years? Do you have any exciting plans in the pipeline?

BG: In 5 years time, we see the company growing exponentially with new products both produced in-house and exclusively distributed on behalf of a range of top producing companies across the globe. We also see a bright future for our custom interactive solutions arm having already worked with a number of high-profile clients that include Warner brothers, 2K Games, PKR, etc, we intend to work with agencies to help them turn interactive ideas for promoting their clients games/products/services into reality.
Whilst we will continue to add to our in-house product collection with the new machine to be launched in July 2013 as well as a range of mini-arcades due for launch in Q4 2013, as mentioned above we are really looking to expand both our distribution and custom interactive product services. By early 2014, we should have a range of exclusive distributed products that tie in with the Page Global ethos. This will give sales agents the scope to sell more related products and give them a portfolio to suggest to their clients. We want to expand our brands further into Europe as well as the rest of the world and are looking for distributors for individual countries and regions within those countries.

Many thanks to Ben for the fantastic answers.

Visit the Bespoke Arcades web site here

Ryan Mattock

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