Award Winning Independent Sales Opportunity - Corporate Media Solutions - 20% Commission

Type: Independent (Commission-only) Sales Opportunity
Industry: Media/Marketing/Advertising/Analytics
Territory: Global Territories Available
Commission: 20% + Recurring residuals
Average Sales Value: £15,000
Average Monthly Customer Value: £2000+

Top Clients: Coca Cola, Verison, Samsung, U.S. Army, American Institutes For Research (AIR)

Overview: Commetric’s award-winning media analytics solutions are used throughout the world and across industry sectors.

Clients include Coca-Cola, Samsung, Groupon, US Army, American Institutes for Research (AIR), The Gates Foundation and Verizon Business.

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Independent sales representatives can learn more about this company and apply to work with them as independent sales partners via their sales opportunity on CommissionCrowd here: award winning media analytics solutions-20 % commission

We’ve interviewed Commetric about their company and independent sales opportunity to give reps a better idea of what working in partnership with them is like:

Qn. What’s been your greatest client success story so far?

Commetric has worked with Verizon, the global telecoms provider, for over five years.

Verizon turned to Commetric to help their European communications team define and implement a set Key Performance Indicators to measure performance of their European PR agency network.

Working closely with the European communication team, we configured a dashboard of KPIs and combined pan European metrics with measuring local PR initiatives.

Fives years on, the Commetric dashboard and KPIs are the accepted performance measure and judge the effectiveness of Verizon’s PR agency network and fire under-performing agencies.

Qn. Where did the inspiration for Commetric come from?

Commetric was founded in 2005 in London. The inspiration came from PR company Hill & Knowlton.

Hill & Knowlton - the 3rd largest PR group globally - was requiring insights to drive communication planning, and following an extensive review of the media analytics market.

They were unable to find a supplier who combined leading edge technology with a human interpretive lawyer to deliver pitch ready/client ready reports.

Hill & Knowlton turned to the founders of Commetric, Christofer Solheim - a Norwegian data scientist to set up a company to deliver precisely an offer that was right for them.

It worked and Commetric grew quickly, working for many of Hill & Knowlton clients’ including Merck, US Army, Pfizer and Brand Dubai.

Qn. Can you give independent sales reps an idea about your expertise in the media analytics arena?

Our expertise in media analytics goes way back to 1998 when Chris Shaw several other core team members worked on PR and crisis communications for major companies, such as Royal Dutch Shell.

That experience was seminal in our understanding of global communications, and particularly how the 24 hr news cycle works.

Following that experience we started a software company in 2001 measuring communications using pure quant / Boolean dashboards.

The company, called Reputation Intelligence grew quickly as news became full digitized, with the advent of Google News in 2002.

Our largest client at that time was Pharma company Merck, who had just recalled their drug Vioxx, which was the largest product recall in history, when they lost $30bn in shareholder value in a single day.

Working on that communication challenge taught us how important it is to provide senior corporate executives with extremely accurate results.

Today at Commetric, we have distilled that experienced into an offering communication experts decision ready data to enhance communication performance.

Qn. How about some of the work you have carried out to date?

Commetric processes all types of formats of media across 30 languages. Our technology, which uses sophisticated NLP (natural language processing) tracks the relevant news and comment around a strategic public affairs issue, a brand, a corporation or a product.

The data flow is filtered quantitatively to determine conversation trends and qualitatively to determine sentiment and the contagion of emerging opinions.

Commetric is a recognized leader in mapping social conversations to determine who are the gatekeepers of influence and what opinions are emerging.

Clients come to Commetric to get decision ready data for communications planning, campaign performance and competitive intelligence.

Excellent! And What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

We are a very networked business and while we have a central R&D and product delivery centre, our team is very used to working with a network of freelance analysts throughout the world.

This works well and we feel that extending the freelance network to encompass sales executives is a natural strategic progression.

We are also aware that the world of sales executives have changed, and many of the best are independent, preferring the variety of selling multiple solutions into their network and it can be more lucrative for all parties involved as well.

Qn. Why would freelance, commission-based sales agents have an edge selling your products?

Several reasons; firstly, there are some unique characteristics to our solutions that clients are unable to get from other providers. This is because we combine products with experienced analysts to deliver a finished reports as well as a SaaS tool for clients to use themselves.

We are known for our rigorous research approach and frequently win industry awards for our client solutions.
Secondly, we have an experienced team who has a proven track record of turning information into actionable insights.

Clients who have had a poor experience with pure SaaS tools frequently turn to us to get more value.
Thirdly, we have a track record of working for the world’s most demanding brands. Reference client include Coca-Cola, Samsung, Verizon, Citibank and The Gates Foundation.

Lastly, client’s can trial our products easily to get familiar with our dashboards, so they can see the level of intelligence that our solutions deliver before subscribing to a long term contract.

This delivers a high impact way to engage with prospects and shows great flexibility and partnership potential.

Qn. What makes your service unique, innovative and sets you apart from your competition?

Unlike many online analytics tools, Commetric combines innovative, patented technology with the knowledge of its experienced analysts to provide deeper, more practical level of insight for customers who demand to know more. Our award-winning solutions are used throughout the world and across multiple industry sectors.

Qn. What are you plans for the future of Commetric?

We will continue to invest in our products and solutions. In 2016 we partnered with Datatsift and Facebook to provide our clients with a Facebook Topic Data – an anonymized full feed of the conversations and comments from 1.5billion consumers.

In 2017, we plan to add a full feed Linked In data set into our client solutions, which will deliver our clients the most comprehensive media and social analytics solutions on the market.

Qn. What are your best selling services and why?

In 2016, our best selling service is Influencer Network Analysis (INA). This tool identifies, maps and ranks key influencers in the context of a social media conversations.

INA is a patented methodology that combines sophisticated natural language search, entity extraction, free-text data mining, and dynamic network mapping technology. It discovers key influencers in the context of a conversation and maps their prominence and influence.

Cluster maps visualize the most discussed topics and the connectors to new networks. All media formats are processed making INA a vital input into communication planning.

Qn. How about awards? Have you received any recognition or for your services?

Our client work has received over 20 industry awards over the years, for Innovation, client Impact and multi—market project work. Award bodies that recognize our work include Sabre, AMEC and IPRA.

Qn. Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents

The sales cycle starts with a lead generation campaign managed by our central marketing team.

Lead generation campaigns target a specific sector/sub-sector, buyer and market. This lead generation campaign can also include activities such as Webinars on a specific client solution and/or premium content, and white papers.

In addition Commetric is frequently invited to bid on RFPs. These activities deliver qualified leads that we expect the sales agent to work on.

The average sales cycle can be anywhere from a few weeks to four months, depending on the size of the deal. Often clients request a trial or example report, before committing to an annual subscription contract.

Unlike many of our competitors, Commetric is able to offer trial reports containing real data in order to secure the larger contract, and this approach can reduce the sales cycle.

Qn. How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

As stated above the lead qualification process is structured around content campaigns, such as white papers, webinars and events. This is managed centrally.
In addition Commetric is invited to participate in RFPs from corporates.

Commetric is a media analytics partner to several large business-consulting firms and communication agencies.
Lastly, given that Commetric has been in the industry for over 10yrs we receive a lot of referrals, particularly from individuals who have moved to new job roles within the communication industry.

We get roughly 30% of our business through referrals.

Independent sales representatives can learn more about this company and apply to work with them as independent sales partners via their sales opportunity on CommissionCrowd here: award winning media analytics solutions-20 % commission

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