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We’re proud to introduce you to Fieldcom, a multi-award winning company that solve the hair-on-fire problem of communication with large numbers of employees across a multitude of roles in the corporate field. This company are leaders in their industry, having won multiple awards for their work and successfully working with companies across the Fortune 500 and 50.

Fieldcom are offering huge commissions for their independent sales partners including lifetime residuals + LEADS!

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Interview With Ron Watt Jr., Founder + President, Fieldcom

We’ve interviewed Ron Watt Jr, the Founder and President of Fieldcom to give you a better understanding of our company and potential partnership opportunity with independent sales professionals.

Where did the inspiration for Fieldcom come from?

We’re a multi award winning company that solves a very specific problem for companies, that is how to effectively reach and communicate with busy field employees. We’ve worked with many companies across a multitude of industries, including in the Fortune 50.

Effective field communication (with sales people and technicians) is ‘business critical’ for organizations. And based on our research and experience, all large organizations have difficulty communicating with this audience. Ultimately our company name communicates exactly what we do: we make it easy for our clients to communicate with the field.

Tell us a little about your expertise in the employee communications arena

Our parent company is a marketing and communications firm founded in 2003 that has developed, executed and measured successful internal and external campaigns for Fortune 100 clients, both on national and international fronts.

We’ve won dozens of awards for our communication effectiveness and break-through approaches. Personally, I’ve been a professional communicator since 1997 and worked for regional, national and international agencies prior to starting my own agency in 2003.

We originally developed Fieldcom as a custom solution for a Fortune 50 client and it grew from there. It’s a perfect marriage of our technology and communication expertise.

Can you tell us about some of the work you have carried out to date?

All of the Fieldcom programs experienced at least 23% increase in “delighted” or “very satisfied” within 60 days of launch as reported in our pre- to post-program launch quick polls.  

83-90% employees  absorbed the information on the day of release. And, every time a Fieldcom message – or as we like to say “signal” – is sent to the field, 93-99% field employees consumed the information via audio listening of the entire 1-3 minute broadcasts.  These numbers are staggering, real, proven, documented and incredibly influential during the sales process to appeal to the logical aspect of decision making.

Fieldcom has several use cases of our exceptionally successful Fieldcom programs. I encourage independent (commission-only) sales agents to contact us directly for those uses cases and to learn more since we are naturally on NDAs with our clients and there is only so much we can share publicly.

What’s your greatest client success story?

While I cannot mention the name of the client right now, I can tell you that it’s one of the most storied of American corporations. The client engaged us to solve their field communications problem. They experienced the same stellar numbers as above but with one twist – which we later realized must be incorporated into our best practices.

We were able (for the first time at least in that company and possibly in the marketplace) to equate how the consumption of key information to the field negatively or positively impacted individual, team, territory and national sales. We made a corollary that individuals who received the Fieldcom “signals” had better sales than those who did not. That’s powerful stuff because now leadership and managers could have constructive conversations with their field employees about how consuming the key information can help them achieve their financial goals for their families, not just the company.

What made you consider wanting to work with independent sales agents?

We are in “attack” mode . . . we truly believe nothing can stop us from both simplifying and revolutionizing how corporations communicate with the employees that produce the bottom line revenue for their organizations – the field employees. Unlike apps or typical SaaS platforms that require months to deploy, we can be up and running for a corporation within 72 hours. This is unheard of in the industry.

We believe that we have an exceptionally lucrative sales opportunity for independent sales reps not only due to the nature of our products/services, but we also understand how commission-only sales people operate and what they expect from a long term partnership.

Why would sales agents have an edge selling your products/services?

Effectively communicating with field employees – or any remote employees for that matter – is a chronic problem that all organizations experience but don’t know how to fix. At this juncture, with our patent-pending features, it’s a wide blue ocean. One thing we know is that our clients at these large organizations are overworked . . . we provide an easy path for them that does not add to their workload . . . but it achieves glory for them and their department.

What makes your products/services unique, innovative and sets you apart from the competition?

No one else offers the comprehensive end-to-end service that marries technology with content generation to offer a truly managed service, saving corporations tons of time and dedicated resources and personnel to handle.

First, our patent-pending technology allows companies to bypass firewalls, distribute text messages and recordings so field employees can listen via Bluetooth technology in their car or headsets, then measure the who, what, where and when of that consumption.

Secondly, our award-winning content generation team handles any and all content that is distributed via SMS text such as quick polls, trivia, recordings, videos, PPT decks, calendar reminders, breaking news, etc.

What are you plans for the future of Fieldcom?

We have a fairly simply three-year plan. End of Q2 2019 we will finalize our sales playbook and new marketing materials while penetrating our first international markets starting with European Union and India . . . and we will upgrade our technology to handle these new markets.

During 2020 we will be fully positioned with sales reps in all regions throughout the world and will support them as we bolster our account service and marketing team and resources.

In 2021, we will expand on our efforts in 2020 but with an eye on streamlining processes and systems with employee input.  Also if we feel the next-generation technology we are testing today is ready by 2021 then we will deploy as a premium feature of Fieldcom.

What are your best selling products/services and why?

We have a wholly managed service. So when clients engage us they buy the whole Fieldcom program. Our most popular features that are included with a Fieldcom engagement include tap-to-listen, trivia and quick polls. Not to mention the robust metrics that prove whether or not the program is working for clients and where we may need to tweak campaigns.

Have you received any recognition or awards for your products/services?

We have won dozens of awards including an ‘International Communicator Award for Field Communications Effectiveness’ for our work with a Fortune 50 client.

Please describe the typical sales cycle and process to sales agents.

Anyone that has sold to large organizations understands there can be up to seven decision makers or influencers during the sales process. However, in our experience, that hasn’t led to insanely long sales cycle because the problem these organizations have is chronic, business critical and needed to be fixed yesterday.

The shortest sales cycle we’ve had was 30 days . . . the longest was seven months. On average, our sales cycles are 90-105 days. And with every client, we require a significant deposit, annual pre-pay in some cases or semi-annual prepay in most cases, prior to work commencement.  

How do you currently bring in new business or win contracts?

Everything, to date, has been through referral or word of mouth. Since a lot of client contacts jump from one large corporation to another our relationship follows them. And, since Fieldcom made them look like heroes in their former place of employment, they are quick to integrate us as vendors once they get settled into their new organization. We also rolled out a limited program that includes experts in corporate communications to help advocate for the service.

Fieldcom are offering huge commissions for their independent sales partners including lifetime residuals + LEADS! View Fieldcom’s sales opportunity on CommissionCrowd here.

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