A New Solution For Commission-only Sales - We're Excited!

Once upon a time… a Marketer, an Operations Manager and a Software Developer decided to set out and save company Principals & Independent Sales Agents a lot of time, resources, hassle and money by building awesome software for the commission-only sales industry.

Like some of the best things ever built, CommissionCrowd was born out of a direct need. As principals we were tired of not having solutions to the daily challenges we faced when recruiting, training, managing and retaining our independent sales agents. Running a tech-savvy company, we couldn’t understand why we had affordable online productivity tools for every other aspect of our business but when it came to the most important—our growth—there was nothing that fit our commission-only business model perfectly and saved us time, resources and productivity—without costing us an absolute fortune.

We could also see that sales agents were suffering similar difficulties: finding good opportunities, managing several opportunities at once, and maintaining good communications with us and their prospects. And of course, this had a knock on effect to maintaining a great relationship, managing our expectations and supporting their success.

We’ve spent years in the wilderness, forced to create workarounds to solve our problems, and we’ve listened to lots of you share a similar story.

We know your struggle.

Enter CommissionCrowd - The Home Of Commission-Only Sales

It became obvious that commission-only sales needed more than just (a) more job or sales agent listings; and (b) another online CRM that could be made available to an outside sales agent on an ad-hoc basis. We began to get fired up with the thought that we could help to revolutionise the industry by creating a synergy of these two concepts.

Is that hyperbole? If it is, well, we have an excuse: we’re excited!

It’s For Companies Looking To Build Independent Sales Teams

We’re going to be publishing a lot more about how CommissionCrowd actually works, but right now we’re spending our time on the software development. What we can say at the moment is that we’re building a platform that will allow companies to run, manage, track and pay their sales agents. The aim is to allow companies to lean on our experience and bypass the expense and hassle that we went through when we first started recruiting for our team.

It’s For Independent Sales Agents Looking To Form Better Partnerships

But we’re all about bringing both sides of the equation into perfect harmony. Freelance sales agents will be able to find great opportunities tailored to their needs, use our system to manage their tasks and communications, track deals, build their own teams and make money from them, get commission from within the system, and leverage their contacts—and finally get paid for referral business and lead-generation (much more on this coming soon!).

Happily Ever After…

So CommissionCrowd means a lot to us, and that passion will enable us to create a platform and a set of tools that will make your working life more efficient and more hassle-free.

The Commission-only sales industry has been neglected for too long. We’re going to change that, and do our bit to bring it into the 21st century. Most importantly, we want you to be able to get on with the important stuff, like making money.

Help Us Write the Next Chapter

So, whether you’re a company or a freelance sales agent, we hope you’ll find huge value in using our services and that you’re as excited as we are!

Ryan, Laura & Alistair,
CommissionCrowd Founders

P.S. We’d love to learn more about you, so please take a minute to connect with our social media channels and introduce yourself!

Ryan Mattock

Co-Founder of CommissionCrowd... Let's get disruptive!