6 Reasons Commission-Only Sales Agents Love Selling SaaS, IT & Cloud Software

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We built CommissionCrowd because of the direct need we had ourselves as a digital marketing agency looking to grow our business using a pay-on-performance sales team. So it’s no surprise to us that we see many Internet Software / IT Service / SaaS (software as a service) companies signing up with us looking to work with freelance sales agents.

Based on our past experience it’s also no surprise to us the volume of consultative agents stacking their line cards with cloud-based innovative solutions.

Cloud software technology is now a widely used, industry standard and most smart companies across a multitude of industry sectors, regardless of company size have already begun replacing out-dated, costly, legacy software.

Many commission-only sales agents signing up to use CommissionCrowd to find cloud software solution opportunities to sell are particularly interested in this industry category for a number of reasons:


  1. Most cloud-based SaaS companies solve real problems for businesses which typically means an easier sale and better client retention rates post-sale

  2. Selling cloud-based software solutions has a relatively short sales cycle due to the speed in which a company’s problem can be solved

  3. Cloud-based solutions are scalable meaning fewer price objections

  4. Well thought out marketing strategies/branding are the norm

  5. It’s easy to demo products online or even pass out free trials

  6. Self-employed sales agents are usually offered lucrative monthly residual commissions of between 20-60%**

It’s no wonder this category is blowing up! Anyone in B2B sales will tell you there is nothing better than selling a product or service to a company who really needs it, who feel the pain acutely and are without the solution.

When we look at the opportunity in detail we begin to see the compound nature of ongoing commissions.

I’ll use a CommissionCrowd member as an example:

Prismatic Vision is a unique employee motivation measurement tool that allows employers to react to employee motivation and engagement in real time.

They pay their independent sales agents a recurring commission of 25% on all monthly software premiums and 10% on all consulting spin off engagements.

The cost of their software is between £300-£1000 a month.

For this illustration we’ll be conservative and go with an average deal value of £500 a month and assume a professional commission-only sales agent is able to close 8 new clients a month.

At the end of year one* assuming this continued pace and a high retention rate - which is natural for a product of this nature - an agent would be looking at an ongoing monthly income of £12,000+. If that figure isn’t conservative enough for then re-adjust new closed business down to 4 sales per month and agents are still looking to earn a tidy £6,000 residual commission a month.

Here are a sample of some of the opportunities that companies are listing on CommissionCrowd to connect with independent software sales consultants:

Cloud Recording and Reporting for Care Providers

Cloud-based cash flow planning & forecasting software designed to give business owners control over their operations

Online Psychometric Testing For Recruitment (1.4m Users)

Business Management Software For The Field Services Industry

Online Personal Training to Companies/Organizations

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