5 Reasons Why Independent (commission-only) Salespeople Earn More Than Employees

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Looking to become a self-employed sales professional or are already self-employed and want to build the ultimate sales portfolio? You’ve come to the right place.

But first let’s explore the top five reasons why Independent (self-employed) salespeople Earn More Than Employees…

Why Commission-Only Sales Reps Earn More Than Company Employees

You’re the top sales rep in your company, enjoy a great salary, good commissions, a company car and benefits, but why are hundreds of thousands of sales professionals all over the world who work on a commission-only basis earning significantly more than you?

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1. Independent Sales Reps Are Entrepreneurial - Are You?

The majority of Independent (commission-only) sales professionals have a long and successful background within the sales industry.

Having typically enjoyed being at the top of their profession for a number of years and being entrepreneurial, they also have a strong desire to set up in business for themselves.

The first question any prospective salesperson needs to ask themselves is whether or not you have the desire to go it alone?

Note: We’ll cover the benefits of becoming self-employed further down the list.

It will take a lot of hard work and dedication initially. You’ll also have to learn how to run your own business, but the rewards are endless.

You’ll earn significantly more, enjoy a much higher quality of work/life balance and be in charge of your own destiny.

There is absolutely no difference between someone within the sales industry setting up in business for themselves compared to any other business owner setting up their own company. The only difference is the service that’s provided.

Been thinking about becoming self-employed for a while?…

Becoming an independent sales rep

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2. Building A Diverse Sales Portfolio Pays Off

While employees are restricted to working with the company that pays their wages, self-employed salespeople have the ability to represent multiple companies at the same time.

What is a wage or salary?

A wage is essentially an amount of money paid by a company to buy your time. While being paid a salary you will be subject to the terms of your contract which typically include strong restrictions on the ability to earn from any other source while working for that company.

What is the goal of an independent sales agent?

Independent sales professionals - free from the restrictions stipulated by an employer - aim to build a diverse sales portfolio consisting of multiple product lines and services that complement the needs of potential clients.

A strong portfolio presents the opportunity for the freelance sales agent to up-sell or cross-sell multiple lines simultaneously and potentially earn multiple commissions on each sale.

Whereby employees are the middle men of the sales world and restricted by their contractual agreement, independent salespeople are free to take advantage of an open Market without restriction.

benefits of a diverse sales portfolio infographic

3. New Technology Makes Remote Working Super Easy

CommissionCrowd for sales agents

Technology that now exists that makes remote working easier and more manageable than ever before.

Sites like CommissionCrowd make building and managing an incredibly strong sales portfolio a breeze.

In addition, once you’ve chosen the companies you want to work with, our app takes all of the headache out of managing multiple relationships with your new-found Principals anywhere in the world.

Note: CommissionCrowd is 100% free for self-employed (commission-only) sales agents to join and we’ll never take a penny from your hard earned commissions.

We vet every company who joins us to put their sales opportunity infront of you and also provide the education needed for companies who are venturing into the sales outsourcing space for the first time.

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4. Borderless Business Has Transformed International Business

The introduction of clever new technologies like CommissionCrowd means that traditional barriers to doing business anywhere in the world have now been broken down.

Many independent sales agents are able to help companies expand their business overseas by offering a quick route to market for their products and services.

This also opens up a whole new world of innovative companies who’s products/services are changing the world for 1099 (commission-based) sales agents.

5. Independent Commission-Only Sales Reps Are Hungrier For Success

Climbing the corporate ladder with promises of uncapped commissions is one thing where as being self-employed is a whole new ball game.

Uncapped commissions when in a position of employment is not the true meaning of the word. The restrictions placed on your ability to build a diverse portfolio and earn multiple commissions from a number of sources restricts your ability to earn to your true potential.

Entrepreneurial sales professionals are hungrier than you. And they have to be, especially when starting out and developing their territories and forming partnerships with new companies.

Being paid a wage is a safety net that the self-employed don’t have. It’s exactly the same for any business owner in any industry. There is no one to pay you a wage when setting out on your own and if there was, everyone would do it. The risks are higher but the rewards are much greater.

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