4 Stupidly Simple Ways To Grow Your Business Now Without Investing

In 2016 everything seems to be changing, everything seems to be moving faster than ever. One thing needs to be made clear, making definitive predictions regarding what will happen over the course of a year is dangerous.

With that being said, there’s one thing I can guarantee you, the way people think has changed and the way we do business has too.

Just as our old brick phones have now been replaced with an iPhone, the old way of doing business in just maximizing the sale has changed too. It’s been replaced with helping people.

In 2016, be B2B or B2C, you have to help and make an impact on your client’s lives. The only real way of doing this is creating win-win scenarios. How do you do this exactly? Here’s 4 stupidly simple ways of creating win/win scenarios:

1) Realize That Everyone Deserves To Win - In any transaction, be it £1,000,000 property, £100,000 investment, £500 IT subscription, or even just a £10 online buy, everyone deserves to win. Businesses rely on clients just as much as clients rely on businesses. Stop trying to beat every penny out of a sale and start making sure the solution is perfect for your client. In turn, everyone wins. You get the sale, the client’s needs are met, and their problem is resolved.

2) Leave The Brick Phone Thinking Behind, Quit Thinking “I Want More Than You” - In today’s world we all worry too much about what we’re getting in return for what we’re giving. You don’t deserve more than anyone else, nor do you deserve less.

3) Give To Give - If you’re giving a client something “extra”, just thrown in, don’t expect anything back from it. Of course they will remember you, of course they will be happy because you’ve done it, but you’ll be bitterly disappointed if you’re giving to get.

4) Go The Extra Mile - People will always remember those who have done something more than what was expected. Sales is just as reliant on customer service as customer service is reliant on sales. They go hand in hand, once the sale has been made, make sure that your customer service absolutely kills their expectation. Over promise, over deliver.

We make sure that each and every person involved wins. All too often you’re missing the obvious. It’s time we took the time to open our eyes and realize, business isn’t business, business is helping people.

Here at Commission Crowd we’ve created the perfect win-win situation. Our commission-only sales agents only get paid when you get paid, you only win when the agent wins, it’s really a simple process.

Written by Michael J Ringer
Motivational Speaker, Sales Trainer, Business Mentor

Michael J Ringer

Internationally recognized Sales Trainer at Lion Sales Training, business mentor & Motivational speaker. Michael has over 8 years in Sales & business and wants to show businesses how to run in 2016.