Webinar: Recruiting Self-employed Sales Agents: Key Interview Questions & Etiquette

January 13 2014
by Ryan Mattock

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Webinar: February 19 2014, 2:00-3:00 pm or March 19 2014, 4:00-5:00 pm GMT

Traditional recruitment processes tend to position the company with the upper hand. They put out a job description and welcome applications, then make job seekers jump through the various hoops that make up their “recruitment process”.

What many companies who work with self-employed sales agents don’t understand is that at the same time you’re interviewing them. They are also interviewing you. You’re not hiring an employee and they are not looking to be treated like one.

Instead companies should be ready to ask and answer the kinds of questions that are suited to building profitable partnerships.

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You’ll Learn

  • How to narrow your search to ensure you’re talking to the right kinds of agents
  • Common etiquette that self-employed sales agents expect
  • Presenting your company to freelance sales agents so they buy into not only what you do, but why you do it
  • Key interview questions that you are likely to be asked
  • Key interview questions that you should ask any potential agent
  • Guidance on how to assess if the agent would make a valuable, profitable partner to your business

Lifetime VIP Member Bonuses

In addition to the above insights you will also receive:

  • A powerpoint template for you to fill in that helps answer many questions your potential sales partner will have
  • A copy of the key interview questions you may be asked
  • A copy of the key interview questions you should ask them
  • A recruitment scorecard template to help you assess how aligned the candidate is to your recruitment goals

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Why are we holding this?

Agents tell us time and time again that they are looking to work with Companies who understand and respect the way they work. This series has been developed to give Companies a head start in their recruitment once the CommissionCrowd platform goes live.

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